Where to Find a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Despite the fact that the Americanisation of society has led to more and more countries, including the United Kingdom, suing people left right and centre, this does not by any means mean that it has become easier to find a lawyer, at least not a good lawyer.  If you are wondering where to find a medical malpractice lawyer, you could have a long search ahead of you, particularly because you will need to find somebody that delivers quality.

Finding a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Isn’t Difficult… Finding a Good One Is

If you have ever watched The Simpsons, you will know Lionel Hutz, the lawyer to whom the family keeps turning for all their legal needs.  These types of lawyers really do exist.  They will have finished their law degree and then take on any case they can get their hands on, without having specialised in a particular field.  This is a sure fire way to lose a medical malpractice lawsuit, as these are highly complex.

As you can see, finding a medical malpractice lawyer is not difficult.  Finding a good medical malpractice lawyer, however, is a different story all together.  Of course, you could check advertisements, use the phonebook or go online, but how do you know if the lawyer you have picked will deliver on his promises?


One of the best ways to find a good medical malpractice lawyer is by finding a trusted recommendation.  If you know somebody that has been involved in a medical malpractice suit in the past themselves, they will probably be able to give you some great hints and tips. 

Questions to Ask a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

However, medical malpractice suits are not that common, so if you are wondering where to find a medical malpractice lawyer and you do not have any trusted recommendations, you should ask any lawyer the following things:

  • What is their experience in medical malpractice?  Have they been specifically trained in this area and what is their knowledge on the condition that is applicable to you?  Are they able to convey medical information in a language that non medical professionals can understand?  It is important to remember that a judge is not a medical professional so he or she needs to fully understand what is happening.
  • Is your medical malpractice lawyer happy to go to trial if need be?  Many of these types of lawsuits are settled outside of the courts through negotiations with insurance companies.  There are no direct problems with this, but if an insurance company starts to notice that a lawyer prefers to not go to court, it is likely that they will start to make very low offers for compensation.  Your lawyer needs to be comfortable with refusing and going to court.

There are many other questions you could ask if you are trying to find out where to find a medical malpractice lawyer, including the likely amount of compensation (a good lawyer should not be able to answer that question with an exact figure), how much the lawyer will charge if you win and if you don’t win, and how likely it is that you will win your case.



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