Medical Malpractice Lawyers UK

When thinking of medical malpractice lawyers, your mind will probably immediately drift to the United States, not in the least because lawyers are referred to as solicitors in the UK.  However, there are medical malpractice lawyers UK (or medical malpractice solicitors), as issues with hospitals and other medical care occur here just as much as anywhere else, and patients have the same rights to excellent levels of care regardless of where they are.

Costs of Medical Malpractice Lawyers UK

In the United Kingdom, most law suits are accepted on a no win no fee basis, which can be very interesting.  Others state that they are able to offer no win no fee work, as well as allowing you to keep 100% of your compensation.  It is important that you carefully research how this is possible and whether you will receive the best possible level of service.  Generally, the solicitors will explain to you that their fees are retrieved from the other side, but if you win large amounts of money, it is unlikely that you should not have to pay some of that to your solicitor.  It is also important to carefully research how much of your compensation you would have to pay for those who do not offer 100% compensation, as this can range from 10% to 70%.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers UK

If you are trying to find medical malpractice lawyers UK, the following list will outline some of the companies you could take into consideration.

  • Claims Direct, who specialise in a wide array of compensation claims, including slips, trips and falls, road traffic accidents and medical negligence.
  • Medical Solicitors UK, specialising specifically in medical malpractice cases.  These operate on a nationwide basis and can offer support and assistance to those who have been mistreated through any form of medical practice, including nursing and dentistry for example.
  • Alexander Harris, a highly trained clinical and medical negligence solicitor office supporting clients who have been injured through medical negligence both in the UK and abroad.
  • The Claims Connection, offering a no win no fee arrangement for a variety of compensation claims, including medical negligence.
  • My Injury Lawyer, focussing on compensation claims following injuries in any place, including the work place, and public or medical environments.  They also offer full compensation.
  • Simpson Millar, who claim to offer a no win no fee service whereby you can keep 100% of your compensation.

Take Into Account both Knowledge and Fees

When trying to choose medical malpractice lawyers UK, it may be very attractive to go to a no win no fee, 100% compensation company.  However, it is important to think carefully about which company to go for and to try to not be swayed by the dangling carrot of maximum compensation.  Medical negligence is a very specialised field and in order to win these cases in a court of law, medical malpractice lawyers UK need to have highly specific knowledge that they are also able to convey to judges and witnesses in understandable English.



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